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TITLE: MAPnews: dvd information + sources for discerning viewers
DESCRIPTION: The newsletter for MapToMovies.com, an information website started in
response to requests from people who didn’t want to sift through the
hundreds of titles released each week for information about good films
coming out on DVD and the sources for acquiring them. We seek out films
from all over the world that will stimulate your curiosity and introduce you to
places, ideas, and conditions that will expand your knowledge and
understanding of the state of being human. Edited by a professional film
festival programmer.
FREQUENCY: Weekly Weekend
KEYWORDS: dvd, movies, entertainment, culture, film, cultural creatives, reviews
ACCESS: Web: http://www.maptomovies.com



CONTACT: Email: Confidential
STAFF: Angela Pressburger   Editor  info@maptomovies.com
PUBLISH COMPANY: Mymailout.com
ARTICLE GUIDELINES: Guest Curators for Special Collections are invited by the Editor. We do not
accept unsolicited material.
AD GUIDELINES: Our policy is: no advertising. We do accept some links and are open to
affiliate arrangements

Date: 20051101 -  ID# -1543
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