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TITLE: The Fit Christian
DESCRIPTION: A Christian Health & Fitness eZine. Publishes seven issues a year, free subscription. Offers inexpensive targeted advertising.
FORMATS: HTML (Web) - Acrobat -
FREQUENCY: seven issues a year
KEYWORDS: Christian, fitness, health, nutrition, exercise, women, kids, men, Bible, Jesus
ACCESS: Web: http://www.fitchristian.com



SAMPLE: To: editor@fitchristian.com
Subject: sample issue
Body:Please send me a sample issue
SUBSCRIPTION: To: editor@fitchristian.com
Subject: Subscribe me to The Fit Christian
CONTACT: Email: Confidential
Articles: editor@fitchristian.com
STAFF: Angela J. Perez   Publisher/Editor  editor@fitchristian.com
PUBLISH COMPANY: Fit4Jesus, "Where Fitness is More Than Just Physical"
ARTICLE GUIDELINES: We are always looking for good articles on health and fitness as well as human interest stories, recipes, fitness tips and more. Byline and brief bio provided. Unsolicited submissions OK.
SEND ADS TO: editor@fitchristian.com
AD COSTS: Advertise your business in The Fit Christian and help promote a healthy country, a healthier world. Graphic design fees for ads are included in the rates.


1/8 PAGE $5/issue
1/4 PAGE $10/issue
1/2 PAGE $20/issue
3/4 PAGE $30/issue
FULL PAGE $40/issue


10 cents/word
20 word minimum

Web Ads (on website only)

Button Ads $5/mo
Display Ad $10/mo
AD GUIDELINES: We accept ads that are in line with our subject matter: Christian, Health & Fitness, Kids, Recipes, Nutrion and the like.
AD PAYMENT OPTIONS: Ad payments are accepted through PayPal or ClickBank. Since we also design the ads for you (optional) we don't bill until you approve the PDF proof of your ad. Once you approve the proof and pay for your advertising through PayPal or ClickBank, your ad will be placed in the next issue, or on the site--or both.

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