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TITLE: Station 1 Connector
DESCRIPTION: The Station 1 Connector contains informative articles and trivia relevat to rock, gem, gold, fossil, and artifact hunters: club news updates and miscellaneous information and ads from other rockhounding groups and shops.
FREQUENCY: every 2 to 3 weeks
KEYWORDS: hobbies, collecting, rockhounds, rocks and gems, gold prospecting, fossil hunting, rock and gem clubs,
SAMPLE: To: webmaster@rockhoundstation1.com
Subject: sample connector
Body:sample connector
SUBSCRIPTION: To: webmaster@rockhoundstation1.com
Subject: subscribe
Body: subscribe
CONTACT: Email: Confidential
Articles: Webmaster@rockhoundstation1.com
STAFF: Sally Taylor   Owner  thenaturelady@rockhoundstation1.com
ARTICLE GUIDELINES: All articles must be related to the interests of rock, gem, gold, fossil, artifact hunters. Material must be no longer than 4 paragraphs or subimitted as a series with desired breaks in the materials stated and a short block of accrediation for the author.
SEND ADS TO: webmaster@rockhoundstation1.com
AD COSTS: Ads will be accepted in the order received, free of charge until 10/1/05 at which date price will be determined at $5.00 up to 1000 subscribers and an additional 50 cents per hundred over one thousand.
AD GUIDELINES: Ads must be in normal text format with no non-keyboard characters and must be 300 characters or less. Ads must be of content in keeping with the genres of the ezine.
AD PAYMENT OPTIONS: Payment can be made to paypal. Paypal accepts credit and debit payments. Contact webmaster@rockhoundstation1.com for more information.

Date: 20050603 -  ID# -841
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